ATEX Explosionsschutz Zertifikat EX Zone 0 Geppert Rührtechnik GmbH

According to TGRS 727 and EN ISO 80079-36:2016-12, liquids that below atmospheric conditions are explosive (zone 0), with a conductivity of less than 10-8 S/m, may only be agitated under special conditions. Inerting is required by adding inert gases to displace atmospheric oxygen from the tank. This is hardly a problem for permanently installed tanks. Yet, if mobile tanks are to be used, up until now there has really never been a practical solution.

To solve this problem, Geppert Rührtechnik is relying on the proven tripod agitators, with which even the most hazardous of substances can be agitated in mobile tanks. The design of them takes into account the tank size as well as the hazard potential of the liquids. Barrels with 40 liters up to 1,000 liters stainless steel IBCs are possible. The controller features the required performance levels and allows easy operation. The fluid-mechanical, controlled inert gas flow ensures that only a minimum of inert gas is consumed. As such, the explosion protection around the floor stand mixers, typically zone 1, can be strongly limited.

The tripod agitators from Geppert Rührtechnik feature a wide range of application capabilities due to their flexible modular system – from the simplest application up to complex production plants in which dosing, process data recording and control can be integrated. Since 2003, Geppert Rührtechnik has been a certified manufacturer of explosion protected agitators.