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Multifaceted and challenging

In the treatment of drinking water, whether done conventionally or via seawater desalination, agitators are used for rapid mix, precipitation and flocculation processes. Precipitation and flocculation processes require low shear, slow-running agitators. For pH adjustments and rapid mixing faster running agitators that can blend reactor content in a flash are required.

Wastewater treatment also requires a multitude of application options for agitators. In anaerobic and anoxic tanks for nitrogen removal, slow-running agitators are used to suspend and homogenize activated sludge flocs. In aeration tanks, mixer/aerators can be used for efficient oxygenation and mixing.

Where waste water is purified, sludge is generated. This sludge is generally conditioned using polymers, dewatered, and then digested in anaerobic sludge digesters to generate biogas. Special agitators are required for both polymer introduction and for digested sludge mixing.

For water and wastewater treatment also, Geppert can offer a multitude of specially developed agitators. From energy-saving hyperboloid mixers for anaerobic and anoxic tanks, to hyperboloid mixing and aeration systems for aeration tanks, or digested sludge agitators with gas seal and explosion-proof drives. Geppert has the solution, experience, and supplies complete systems from a single source.

Fields of application

Precipitation and flocculation, flash mixing, anaerobic and anoxic tanks, oxygenation in aeration tanks, polymer introduction, digested sludge mixing.


In addition to all the usual stainless steels, for the water sector we also offer agitators and shafts made from fiber-reinforced plastic. These are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

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