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Specialized and challenging

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry involves a wide range of mixing tasks, for which precision and consistence are of utmost importance.

Particles must be evenly suspended and homogenized in liquids for filling processes. In some cases, multiple processes, such as for example heat transfer, rapid mixing, or material transport, must take place simultaneously within one reactor. Specific requirements are often placed on the drives, if for example production is carried out under clean room conditions. The surface quality of the stirring elements must always meet the highest standards; they are therefore usually electropolished.

Our agitator solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are engineered and manufactured to customer-specific requirements. Selection of the agitator, as well as of the drive and sealing concepts, depends on the process and customer specifications. We will provide all the necessary design calculations, or simulate the mixing process.

Fields of application

All applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, such as pharmaceuticals, enzymes, yeasts, proteins and amino acids, vitamins, cell cultures, substrate production, sterilization of fermentation media, aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, synthesis, cell disruption, product concentration and purification, crystallization, or hydrogenating applications.

We supply in accordance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.


We manufacture in all available steel and stainless steel grades, in the required surface qualities or coatings. Surface qualities range from Ra 0.8 to Ra 0.2 – ground and electropolished. All sealing materials are supplied with the relevant FDA certificates of conformity.

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