The direct driven agitator SPR is Geppert Rührtechnik’s solution for all industrial mixing tasks that demand a turbulent mixing with high peripheral speeds. It is driven by a three-phase-motor with poles between 2 and 8 as well as drive ratings between 0.25 kW and 75.0 kW. The SPR could also be equipped with a frequency inverter upon request (up to 7.5 kW).

The agitator shaft is directly connected at the shaft journal of the drive via sleeve or flange coupling. Solutions with quick-change or precisions-change coupling are also feasible for lower drive ratings of up to 3.0 kW. The standard agitator element is a propeller. Other mixing elements according to the mixing task upon request.

  • The SPR can be mounted as a stationary unit or – at a weight of up to 25 kg – it can also be mounted directly onto the open tank via a vessel clamp
  • Up to motor size 112, all SPR series agitators can also be provided with reinforced shaft.
  • Type test certificate numbers for zone 0 (category 1).

Explanation of the flange dimensions


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