The tote tank mixers CRP-E are equipped with a pneumatic drive. It has been especially designed for plastic IBCs with filling openings of at least 150 mm and volumes from 600 l up to 1,200 l. The fast running pneumatic agitators are equipped with bearing and coupling housings. By means of the maintenance unit, pressurized air is enriched with oil for the vane drive.

The mixer is mounted on a container traverse bridge, which is included in the scope of supply and clamped with a rapid fixing system to the cage frame of the IBC. The plastic bulk of the container is therefore not harmed by any static or dynamic loads by the agitator.

  • Folding propellers that fit through the filling opening DN 150 mm are used for geared agitators.
  • The agitator shafts are connected to the drive shafts with sleeve couplings or borne within the gear’s hollow shaft (worm gears). The agitator shafts are balanced for concentric run after assembly.
  • Explosion-proof mixers are also feasible.


Equipment for tote tank mixers for plastic IBCs
  • Traverse bridge
  • Lifting lug for cranes
  • On-/off-switch without ex-protection
  • On-/off-switch with ex-protection
  • Frequency inverter controlled drive
  • Maintenance unit for pneumatic drive


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