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Dispersion and Homogenization

Paints and coatings play a significant role in our lives. Without them, life would be dull and even monotonous. But they don’t just provide color. They perform a multitude of other tasks as well. For example, they protect objects or structures from corrosion and deterioration, thus contributing to the sustainable use of resources. Equally, special coatings can contribute to a reduction in flow resistance, or create a pearled finish that makes objects easier to clean and reduces contamination.

Paints and coatings generally consist of binders, fillers, pigments, solvents, resins, and perylene, as well as additives. These substances must be mixed together homogeneously during the production process. Various agitators are used to achieve this, for example dissolvers, depending on the process step and according to the boundary conditions.

Different agitators can be used for this task. Low-shear mixers in storage tanks ensure that the coating does not separate. Paints and coatings frequently require stirring even during transport to their point of use. Geppert offers optimized mixing concepts for this too.

Our product range extends from agitators for drums, roll containers and IBCs¹, through tripod agitators, right up to agitators with retractable stirring elements. Regardless of whether mixing is required in open or closed containers, or during storage or transport of paints and coatings – Geppert has the solution to suit your application.

Fields of application

Open or closed stirred tanks for paint and coating manufacture, storage containers and tanks.


Geppert agitators for the paint and coatings industry are manufactured from high quality stainless steel or from a wide variety of special materials where desired.

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