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Variable and diverse

Mixing of substances and chemical reactions are closely interconnected. The way in which different reagents are mixed together can have a significant influence on product quality, product yield, or even on the resulting product itself.

Stirred reactors are used in the chemical industry for a range of applications. They can be used for reaction, extraction, distillation, crystallization, and other processes. Depending on the reactor process and operating mode (continuous, semi-batch, or batch operation), the agitators used can be subjected to varied demands.

In the petrochemical industry, emulsification, absorption, desalination, alkylation, or neutralization processes are commonly found; lubricating oils must be homogenized or sludge oils suspended.

For this wide variety of mixing tasks, Geppert offers tailor-made agitators to satisfy operational and customer requirements.

Fields of application

All stirring and mixing tasks in the chemical and petrochemical industry, for the production of:

  • basic chemicals
  • hydrofluoric acid chemicals
  • fine chemicals
  • specialty chemicals
  • plastic resins
  • plastic materials
  • adhesives
  • ethoxylation and hydrogenation
  • chlorination


We have the ability to construct our agitators from conventional or special materials, in the surface quality desired. We use all available stainless steels, titanium or tantalum, as well as a wide range of plastic coatings. We select materials according to the process requirements and customer preferences.

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