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Reactive and complex

Despite the increasing level of digitalization, an ever-increasing demand for paper and pulp products can be observed. However, a shift is taking place from print paper qualities to packaging paper and cardboard.

The wide range of paper products requires a variety of production processes. These include mechanical and chemical processes which, depending on the form and variant, produce different pulp qualities. Stirring and mixing are essential unit processes in all types of paper and pulp production. Mixing tasks range from liquid/liquid or gas/solid/liquid mixtures, through mixing of complex liquids, and include mixing of chemically reactive components.

Improving and optimizing mixing processes in the paper and pulp industry can lead to end product improvements; such as increased strength, improved luster, or significant energy or chemical savings. Such process optimizations require precise analysis of the process conditions, a clear definition of the objective, and an understanding of not just process, but also fluid mechanics. Geppert offers a range of proven agitators for all applications in the paper and pulp industry, with which you can achieve such improvements and savings.

Fields of application

Dilution and make-up of bleaching solutions, melting of saline solutions, oxidation of alkalis, chemical recovery, preparation of paints and coatings, polysulfite production, paper pulp suspension.


Depending on the application, we use stainless steels (316Ti grade or higher), bare or in some cases with abrasion resistent coatings.

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