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Food grade compliant and efficient

Mixing technology is particularly wide-ranging in the food and drinks industry. From simple suspension and homogenization tasks in storage or transport containers, right through to complex reduction tasks, during which mixtures can be exposed to only the lowest of shear forces – you will find it all in the food and beverages industry.

High food sensitivity and the multitude of fields of application for agitators require close process coordination with the customer, in order to design, construct, and finish the agitators in the optimal manner with the widest variety of mixing elements.

In addition to its popular standard mixers, Geppert also has special stirring elements within its portfolio, capable of being extremely gentle on the product while remaining highly efficient. All agitators have the relevant food approvals and can also be supplied with clean room drives and special sealing systems.

Fields of application

Food and beverages production applications, such as milk, juice, soft drinks, syrups, beer, wine, spirits, sauces, ketchup, soups, desserts, chocolate, sugar, or honey.


We manufacture in all the usual stainless steel qualities and with food-compliant plastic coatings.

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