THINK Fluid Dynamix®

THINK Fluid Dynamix®

Fluid dynamic solutions with the help of CFD*

Challenging, customer-specific mixing technology solutions can be numerically simulated as early as during the planning phase, and the results analyzed. This means increased design confidence, high-quality solutions and, as a result, reduced project durations and costs.

Our experts from THINK Fluid Dynamix® are specialists in the application of numerical techniques such as flow simulation in real time and artificial intelligence methods for automated optimization. This enables processes, such as stirring and homogenization, to be analyzed more accurately under consideration of all applicable process parameters, and complex tasks to be processed far more efficiently.

These methods set entirely new standards in terms of design reliability and efficiency. Allow us to contribute to your success!

* CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics


We offer you fluid mechanical simulations (CFD) together with the experts from THINK Fluid Dynamix®

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