The FR series is a fast running electric drum mixer that can directly be mounted on 200 l steel drums with a 2“ bung hole. The mounting on the drum is done with a 2” threaded adapter with which the agitator is screwed into the bung hole.

The agitator shaft is connected to the drive shaft by means of a sleeve coupling. Folding propellers are used as mixing elements, which can be inserted into the drum through the 2” bung hole when being folded.

  • The FR series mobile mixer is delivered as a turn-key solution with an on-/off-switch with low voltage breaker and connection cable.
  • Upon request, the FR series mixer can also be supplied with an integrated frequency inverter.
  • Additionally we can provide you with a vessel clamp applicable for open lid drums.


By means of a traverse or a vessel clamp, the drum mixers can also be used for open drums.


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