Rigid stand with H-foot for tanks that range in volume from 100 l. Under these conditions, the stand can be equipped with all fast running or gear-reduced mixers and their matching mixing elements. Mixer powers from 0.37 kW to 7.5 kW and support loads up to 100 kg – by means of a reinforced stand loads up to 300 kg – can be realized.

The agitator is positioned on a telescope sleeve that is moved via the spring-suspended lid connected to the stand. The lift is done by a geared hand-wheel or electric with a lift drive and chain drive. The mixer is positioned on a cantilever beam which is fixed to a support slide that is moved on the stand column. The electric or pneumatic supply is guided through a laterally mounted energy chain.

  • The floor stand mixer SRW is available in two standard sizes that are particularly designed for the processing of exchangeable vessels such as drums and IBCs.
  • Various tank sizes upon request.


The tripod agitators are equipped with electric and mechanic safety devices after EC guideline for machinery 2006/42/EG which prevent the mixer from accidental starting and prevent access to moving parts. We provide you with extensive risk analysis for each tripod agitator to consider all possible sources of danger. Thus, our whole range of tripod agitators is CE-certified.

Mechanical safety equipment

The stand mixers can be protected against access to moving parts with a shaft protection sleeve when used in open tanks which are big enough or with a spring-suspended lid when the tanks are small or tanks with various heights are used. The lift way is covered by bellows and the mixing tank is clamped in mixing position or checked by a limit switch arm.

According to the customers’ requirements, the spring suspended lid could be supplied with level sensors, and various nozzles and hubs for filling.

Electric safety equipment

The stand mixer is delivered with an electric safety control which allows operation of the mixer only when the mixer is in mixing position and when a vessel is positioned below the mixer.

Examples for Safety Control Boxes:

  • Single safety switch for manual stroke adjustment
  • Single safety switch for electric stroke adjustment
  • Ex-proof safety switch for manual stroke adjustment
  • Ex-proof safety switch for electric stroke adjustment
  • Ex-proof safety switch (Control box outside of area with potentially explosive atmosphere, handling in this area)
  • Pneumatic mixers feature a pneumatic safety switch with pneumatic limit switch.


Depending on the standard models, our tripod agitators can be equipped with a wide range of options and special features. Geppert Rührtechnik engineers this product line to your individual mixing task.

  • Drives with fixed speed
  • Drives with special voltage
  • Drives with thermistors for fc inverter operation
  • Drives with integrated fc inverters
  • Drives with helical gear box
  • Drives with parallel shaft gear box
  • Drives with worm gear box
  • Mechanical variable speed geared drive
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Pneumatic gear drives
Wetted parts
  • Stainless steel (1.4571) without surface treatment
  • Ground and polished surfaces with recess-free transitions between single compounds
  • Plastic covers (PP, PVDF)
  • Coating with E-CTFE or PFA
  • Special steels (1.4462, 1.4539, Hastelloy)
  • For applications in the field of food and drug industry or clean room technology, the stand mixers can be manufactured completely in stainless steel with the lift mechanism being completely encased. The casing and the stand frame can be ground and polished.
  • Manually with geared hand-wheel
  • Electrically with lift drive and chain drive
Tank positioning
  • Manually with laterally movable brackets
  • Laterally movable brackets with hand wheel and threaded spindle
  • Limit switch arm for containers with plate switch
  • Folding for use in drums or container
Protection from rotating parts
  • Basic grip protection sleeve from perforated sheet for fixed agitator shaft couplings
  • Grip protection sleeve with flap and limit switch for exchangeable agitator shafts
  • Spring-suspended lid with bellow
  • Spring suspended lid with telescope sleeve
Spring suspended lit
  • Basic closed design with short lift way for single, open vessels and drums
  • Basic closed design with long lift way for open vessels with various heights
  • Limit switch-controlled filling and inspection flap (also as part of the lid)
  • Nozzles and hubs for filling, pumps, aspiration, level sensors
Explosion protection

Depending on the process requirement our tripod agitators feature an explosion-proof design to ATEX RL 2014/34/EU for operation in rooms classified as ex-zone 1 and 2 and tanks classified as ex-zone 0 – 2.


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